Disconnect To Reconnect This Weeekend

Our 10 year old son has told us on occasion that we spend too much time on our devices. Sometimes it’s overt, other times he makes more subtle statements like, “are you gonna be in your phone for much longer? I wanna do something with you.” This prompted me to observe the tech behavior in […]

Don’t Wait For Lightening to Strike

Often when we accomplish something, it’s because we have the adrenaline rush that occurs when we have a fast approaching deadline. Do not be fooled. This is fear produced by procrastination that creates motivation; it is not accomplishment. I personally have mistaken the two for years, and I am most proud of the areas of […]

6 Reasons You Hate Mondays

Admit it, every Sunday around 7pm, you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. You get a little more tired, a little more irritable, and you’ve completely forgotten the euphoric feeling of emancipation you felt just 48 hours earlier. You either go to bed early to store up enough sleep to get […]

What Will They Say About You?

For those of you who know our family, you know that we’ve lost three loved ones in recent years. The first was my beloved grandmother who lost her fight with cancer 3 years ago, a close cousin who died nine months later, and my father in-law who lost his battle with cancer last night. He […]

What’s Your One Thing?

As a person, you are a masterpiece. You are imbued with staggering intelligence, dreams, passions, desires, skills and relationships. Yet despite this amazing reality, most people still “live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them.” (Thoreau) Everyone has at least one thing; one thing that they were […]

Your Biggest Problem Could Be, Well…You

Life is often a series of problems. If you haven’t found a solution to the most pressing problems you’re facing, there are really only three reasons why: Because you’re more interested in thinking or talking about the problem than actually working to solve it; As a result of either laziness or fear, you don’t want […]