Why You’re Voting for That Candidate, Choosing That Friend and Buying From That Business

Tuning Fork

Imagine a set of tuning forks. One fork is struck. It vibrates. Initially, it is the only one moving…the only one resonating. Suddenly and without being struck, another fork begins to vibrate; then another, and another. This phenomenon is called sympathetic resonance. For sympathetic resonance to occur, the passive object has to be somewhat near the same harmonic frequency as the original resonator. When a resonant frequency finds a sympathetic frequency, the two are either in unison or harmony.

This is why you’re voting for your specific presidential candidate. Your candidate states a position, ie. begins the process of resonating. Since you have a similar point of view or value system, you begin to sympathetically and harmonically resonate. The two of you seem independently and inextricably connected by these points of view. And you, as a result are activated in resonant sympathy by their communication of it.

That is also the same reason you make friends, shop at that store, bought that phone, did business with that agent, etc. You meet someone and you just click. You have those coworkers and colleagues who just seem to “get it.” It’s all because you are all vibrating on sympathetic frequencies.

Q: But what if you can’t find your harmonic resonance in a candidate, friend, or business?

A: Then you will naturally gravitate and begin a dulled vibration to the one with the next closest resonant frequency-even if you’re not truly in harmony.

In sales, this is when a prospect buys your product or service. You’ve successfully sent out a resonant vibration, and they’ve sympathetically received it. Once your solution is transmitted to a sympathetic receiver, a sale is made or a vote is cast.

True resonance only happens when you’re seen as a solution to a prospect or a potential constituents’ problem. It never happens when they are seen as a solution to yours. 

Life is all about frequency. Listen carefully for people you resonate with. Listen carefully and choose wisely.



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