When Life Happens

Yesterday, I planned to do something really cool. Then out of nowhere…

Life jumped up and bit me in the derrière. Or, did it?

Life happens in the form of a tough work day, disobedient children, a death in the family, an argument with a friend or spouse, a prospective client not taking your call, or a myriad other reasons. Very often, life “happens” when we least expect it and causes our plans and our emotions to take us off the line. This happens because we fail to account for the possibility of eventualities. The unforeseen is very likely to happen, so why don’t we do better at accounting for it instead of simply shaking our fists at the sky when it does?

If you live life by accident, you will always be surprised by the eventual, and it will be incredibly easy to take you out of your game. To continue to live this way is both foolish and stupid. Stupid because you lacked the common sense to learn from the event and adjust your behavior. Foolish because you didn’t learn the necessary foresight to account for that scenario in the future.

Nowadays, we seem to have an aversion to wisdom and common sense. The ancient Hebrews viewed the concept of wisdom as cleverness, shrewdness, prudence, and skill in living. When you live skillfully and shrewdly, life seems to stop happening to you.

  • Be skillful in the things you choose to think about.
  • Be prudent in the things you say yes to.
  • Be shrewd in the company you keep and the time you spend.
  • Be generous to those who need your time, talent, and treasure.
  • Be maniacal at keeping your word to yourself. It’s the only way you can keep your word to others.
  • Be clever in identifying ways to connect with people that inspire you.

There will always be things that get in the way. If your mind is focused and if you’re demonstrating skill in living, it becomes easier to get back on the line. Even if it’s not your best, even if its inelegant; Stand up, dust yourself off, and get back in the fight.

There’s no real magic in it. Just get up, get out and move something.


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