How To Use The Time You Say You Don’t Have


Happy Leap Day!

If you are one of the millions upon millions of people who perpetually sing the sad ballad of  “I Wish I had More Time,” well congrats…your wish has been granted! This year you have an entire extra day of that most precious resource many of us squander and mistreat that you never seem to think you have enough of. The universe has given you a gift that you won’t see again for four years and is begging to be put to work. The question is, how will you choose to spend it?

My suggestion; spend it leaping.

Everyone has a skill that they are too afraid to use because they’ve been numbed by the mundane. Life is too short to let it rot in your mind. Time passes whether you happen to be running or standing still: It’s just more fun when you’re running. So, as soon as your work day is done, spend as much of the evening as you can leaping.

Leap into the thing that you know you were created to do;

Leap into the thing that you are postponing out of fear;

Leap into that lifestyle choice you’re afraid to make. You’ve thought of all the pros and cons already. Stop “thinking” yourself into oblivion and irrelevance.

Tell your 5-10 closest friends what you are leaping into so they can hold you accountable to what you said you’re doing. If they laugh at you or think you’re crazy, GREAT! Give them a specified time frame to check back on your progress then go do it anyway. Don’t wait for their permission or approval.

Ask those same friends what they’re leaping into and hold them accountable. If they’re not leaping into anything, decrease the amount of time you’re spending with them. Their inaction will drag you down.

Leap into firing your negative, pessimistic, and complaining friends and go make new ones. Decline the invite to their next pity party.

Leap into changing or improving something that only you seem to notice.

Don’t let the day pass without leaping at least once. The more you leap, the easier it will become. This is perhaps the biggest secret of successful people.

Leap from the crowded fishbowl of mediocrity to your own personal sea of greatness.  The water is just the right temperature.



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