Disconnect To Reconnect This Weeekend


Our 10 year old son has told us on occasion that we spend too much time on our devices. Sometimes it’s overt, other times he makes more subtle statements like, “are you gonna be in your phone for much longer? I wanna do something with you.”

This prompted me to observe the tech behavior in our home. I wasn’t pleased. We spend way too much time with our faces in a screen. It negatively impacts our posture, our eyesight, our health (radiation), our attention span, our eating habits and our IQ. 

A recent report chronicled that Americans spend nearly 5 hours per day on our smartphone. That amounts to about 23 days per year! This is time spent thumbing through social media sites, news, games, emails, random fidgets, etc, and not actually talking on the phone. This is to say nothing of how much time we watch TV or sit at our computer. That’s an additional 4 hours per day, or a whopping 2 months out of the year watching television. Add the result is depressing. 

So, what would you do if you could give yourself and extra three months this year?
I could write a long post about ways to detox from your tech this weekend, but the internet is full of stuff like that. I’m gonna give you a simple challenge instead; reclaim some of your lost 83 days THIS WEEKEND. Play with your kids, spend time with a loved one, read a book, smell the air, meditate, volunteer, start a business, clean your room, or practice guitar. Whatever you choose, do something analog. Use your imagination. Use your phone if you have to talk to people, but choose real connections over virtual ones this weekend. Practice simply being present. The result will be its own reward.

Let’s see who has the courage to attempt it. Go on, start now. I’m out…



2 thoughts on “Disconnect To Reconnect This Weeekend

  1. There’s an app called Moment that tracks iPhone usage. It has helped me reduce my phone time just by the fact something it’s tracked.

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