The World’s Most Famous Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets

Successful people have failed more than unsuccessful people have ever tried. Listen to these well known entrepreneurs talk about their journey to success. Pay attention to the common themes that live in all the stories.

  • Take action and LOTS of it!
  • Learn from it failure; it prepares you.
  • You can never know what lies ahead of you.
  • You can’t connect the dots looking forward.
  • Fear comes from the inability to measure what you gain, and the ability to measure what you might lose.
  • Fail forward, fail smarter, fail better.
  • Keep Looking…don’t settle!
  • Your last move sets you up for your next move.

Keep charging! Keep pushing!

And the last thing of all is…

Never, ever, EVER give up!
Watch this video and see if it doesn’t stir something within you.

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