Your Biggest Problem Could Be, Well…You

maninthemirrorLife is often a series of problems. If you haven’t found a solution to the most pressing problems you’re facing, there are really only three reasons why:

  1. Because you’re more interested in thinking or talking about the problem than actually working to solve it;
  2. As a result of either laziness or fear, you don’t want to do the work it takes to solve the problem; or
  3. You’ve let the problem so define you that it’s become a grafted on appendage that you’re unwilling to sever.

We are endowed with a massive brain for the sole purpose of solving whatever problems we either accidentally or purposely throw at it. What we typically classify as experience is nothing more than the learning we gained after solving a particular problem.

People are generally polite. Many will graciously listen to your problem, but they take no real pleasure in hearing about it unless you’re also prepared to tell them about your solution to it, or soliciting their help in finding one.

Work exceptionally hard at learning how to participate in your own rescue. Work to fix your problem not by living in the reactive mode of complaining about the cards you have [notice I didn’t say the cards you were dealt]. Instead, try moving to a different table with different cards or by playing a different game.

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