10 Signs You’re Addicted to Your Smartphone

Some of us like our phones. Some us love our phones. And some of us (okay me) would have an easier time recovering from a crystal meth addiction than going a single day without our phones.

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile internet devices are of the single best conveniences of the modern world. In the US alone, 3 out of 5 mobile users (61%) own a smartphone. I use mine for just about everything. And the apps…oh the apps! We use our smartphones to listen to music, read, take pictures, check email, get news, check social media updates (the most common use by far), check the weather, get movie times and order tickets, get recipes, play games, create content (I’m writing this post on my iPad), or do just about any other mental fidget to your little hearts content.

And sometimes, we even use them to make phone calls…

Since more people globally own mobile phones than toilets, its a pretty safe bet that they’re here to stay.

Here are 10 signs to know if you’re addicted to your smartphone:

1. When you wake up in the morning, you check Facebook before your feet hit the floor.

2. You check email, news and social media sites in the bathroom (don’t act like its just me). Some people will actually sit there so long, their legs go numb.

3. You use 3 or more email addresses on your smartphone.

4. You tell people the best way to reach you is through email or text message, and constantly refresh to look for something new.

5. The thought of going 24 hours without your phone gives you a mild panic attack.

6. You forget to make dinner because you’ve spent the last hour playing word jumble games or Candy Crush.

7. If you’re having a conversation with an actual human being, you fidget with your phone and call it ‘multitasking’.

8. You wake up in the middle of the night to see if any of your friends thought about you while you were sleeping.

9. You neglect your kids and get angry with them for interrupting you.

10. During an evening out with your friends, the husbands talk about their favorite work and business apps while the wives talk about their favorite games. And at least one of you whips out your phone to snap a pic and posts it online.

If more than 3 of these items describe you, here are few ideas for a digital detox:

1. Don’t sleep with your phone at your bedside.

2. Have at least one night week where everyone unplugs for the evening.

3. Turn of all email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media notifications.

4. Eliminate at least one social media site and one email account. You’ll find the minimalism more relaxing. You’ll also notice that you didn’t really miss anything and the world didn’t actually come to an end.

5. For news addicts; ask people that share similar views as you “what’s going on in the world?” Human interaction is always good juju.

6. Designate time to turn your phone off. Go for a walk. It will keep your eyes from getting screen fatigue, increase your patience and is generally good advise. Our eyes aren’t meant to stare at computer screens all day. Give them a break.

So, what’s YOUR go-to phone fidget? Sound Off…


One thought on “10 Signs You’re Addicted to Your Smartphone

  1. Funny!! I hadn’t even read this yet, but I deleted a handful of apps that are major distractions! The hardest one was Candy Crush, but I learned it was taking up more space on my phone than my Bible, and I have multiple translations downloaded!! THAT is a problem!! Good bye, Candy Crush! I will miss you!!

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