What Can You Be Today?


Every day we wake up, we’re given a new start, a fresh wind, a second chance. It’s life’s natural ‘Reset’ button. This observation is neither new nor remarkable. What’s remarkable is how few of us actually take advantage of it. Instead, far too many of us awake each day either preoccupied or consumed with the anxieties, failures and mistakes of the previous day. I’ve been guilty of this thinking more times than I care to admit.

What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if you made the simple decision to change?

The word decide comes from the Latin word that means “to cut off from”.

Instead of thinking about how bad, incomplete or unfulfilled yesterday was, try a simple reframe-gratitude. Decide to think differently. Decide to be grateful. Cut off from the seemingly natural desire to focus on the negative. Thank God for the day he’s given you today. Thank him for the relationship you have, the friends you’ve been blessed with, the smiles of your children, etc. Take full advantage of your daily reboot. Be mindful of the literally dozens of opportunities you have daily to share your heart with someone, help someone, forgive someone, encourage someone or inspire someone.

Do This Challenge
Today, try one or more of the following;
-Tell at least one person what they mean to you.
-Think about a person who’s frustrated or angered you recently and choose to forgive them. Forgo your desire for justice (or vengeance) and choose mercy and forgiveness instead.
-Talk to your kids about their day and actually listen. Be present!
-Tell a coworker how valuable they are and how much you appreciate their contribution to the team.
-Serve someone without expectation of any reward whatsoever.
-Call a friend and tell them how much you appreciate their friendship.
-Go out of your way to make a customers day.
-Thank the server at your favorite coffeehouse or lunch spot for their great attitude and service.
-Don’t complain about anything…at all.

In short, actively seek out opportunities to make someone feel special.

Be different. Be transformative. Be inspiring. The rewards are immeasurable.

Be blessed fam,

da brotha


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