In 4 Short Years, She’ll Be Gone

Last week, I attended my daughter’s 8th grade stepping up ceremony. While the choir sang a song titled, “For A Little While,” I had a flashback of the last 13 years with my little girl; the day she was born, her first birthday party, her first steps, and the day I walked her down what seemed like an endless hallway to the first day of kindergarten.

I’m not ashamed to admit that it was a very emotional several minutes. Then, at the end of the ceremony (and just when I thought the worst was over) the principal announced, “I present to you the class of 2016!” A wave of emotion washed over me that only a parent can fully understand. Then it hit me like a runaway freight train, “she’s gonna be gone in only 4 years…”

As parents, we must keep in mind that our job is to love and protect our kids and ultimately prepare them for that inevitable day when they will leave us to make their own way in the world. As parents we must remember that they are only ours for a little while. Their little hands can fit in ours for but an instant. The smiles and laughter that once filled the house will only last for a few years.

Savor each and every moment with your little ones. In the blink of an eye their childhood will be over and they’ll be gone. Ultimately, they are only ours…for a little while. 


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