Thought for the Day

Originally posted on Iowa Oikos on February 6, 2010:

How do you fall in love? One of the simplest ways (and perhaps one of the most effective) is to simply spend time with the person.

If you spend significant amounts of time with someone you can’t but help but develop feelings for them; first to become enamored by them, then to have deep feelings for them.  If one were to spend say, 40 days with someone, thinking about them and talking about them, wouldn’t it be quite difficult to feel ambivalent toward them?

Consider your relationship with the LORD. How much time do you spend with Him? The author of love and relationships created us to cultivate a relationship with him. If you told someone you loved them because you were supposed to love them, how well do you think that would go over? What if you pursued that person relentlessly and tenaciously? How do you think they’d respond? Just as with a good friend, family, spouse or significant other, if you spend time with someone you can’t help but develop a deeper relationship with them. Not because you are supposed to, but because you can’t help it.

Cultivate your relationship God, and see how he responds.

Be blessed,



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