Life Is Not A Spectator Sport

I recently attended a mastermind event for entrepreneurs. The attendees were happy, optimistic people whose attendance at the event tacitly expressed a commitment to improving their lives and businesses. Their presence expressed a desire to develop the discipline and tenacity to win at life and grow personally. At the beginning of the day, the room buzzed […]

Commitment, Is It In You?

Yesterday, I celebrated 18 years of marriage to my wife. It has been an incredibly crazy ride. Richer and poorer; sickness and health; good times and bad; great joys and tremendous sorrows; feeling in love and feeling completely disconnected; making each other laugh and being the reason the other is crying. These experiences have taught […]

When Life Happens

Yesterday, I planned to do something really cool. Then out of nowhere… Life jumped up and bit me in the derrière. Or, did it? Life happens in the form of a tough work day, disobedient children, a death in the family, an argument with a friend or spouse, a prospective client not taking your call, […]

A Minifesto On The Income Industrial Complex (Pt 1 of 2)

As a historian and political scientist by training, I’ve spent a lifetime studying the various Industrial Complexes that drive our social, religious, political, and economic way of life. I’ve also repeatedly encountered and worked against these systems throughout my life and career. They systems have arisen as a result of powerful stories being told to unwitting masses […]

Disconnect To Reconnect This Weeekend

Our 10 year old son has told us on occasion that we spend too much time on our devices. Sometimes it’s overt, other times he makes more subtle statements like, “are you gonna be in your phone for much longer? I wanna do something with you.” This prompted me to observe the tech behavior in […]